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EuVisions is an online observatory monitoring and collecting information on the themes covered by the REScEU project, broadly defined as “social Europe”. EuVisions is composed of four pillars: Politics, Institutions, Ideas, and Social media. For each, the website aims, on the one hand, to provide a window into the "state of the art” of the issues and debates pertaining to social Europe, and on the other to generate databases

serving the needs of the REScEU team as well as the broader scholarly and intellectual community working on these topics. Both the structure and contents of EuVisions are designed to fit the different audiences to whom the website wishes to speak—providing, for instance, sections on topical issues, and allowing direct interrogation of its data. EuVisions’s range of information and formats in which the latter is presented make this observatory a unique project, which aims to establish itself rapidly as a key reference for anybody studying social Europe.


EuVisions is online at featuring: 


Ideas monitor

The ideas monitor presents regular overviews of the public intellectual debate on social Europe, as it emerges from traditional media outlets, such as newspapers and magazines, as well as online publications and the wider blogosphere.  


Political briefings

The briefings section contains periodic narrative summaries of the main political and institutional events related to social Europe. While coverage follows primarily the coding flow of our Politics dataset, briefings are also often enriched with uncoded material to make them a helpful tool for those who desire quick and comprehensive updates on the state of social Europe.


Focus articles

Focus articles are commentaries and analyses on specific developments and aspects of social Europe. This section includes contributions across the four pillars of EuVisions with various approaches and different degrees of empirical intensity, but all sharing a thought-provoking character and a close connection to current problems and events.


Intellectual Europe review

The Intellectual Europe Review section presents structured and critical reflections on recent literature in the area of social Europe—such as books and academic articles—and occasional conversations with scholars and experts in the field.


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