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Reconciling Economic and Social Europe: the role of ideas, values and politics – REScEU” is a five-years research project funded by the European Research Council (ERC) aimed at investigating the complex interplay between two precious legacies of the XX century, the nation-based welfare state and the European Union. The mutual relationship between those two spheres has been in fact fraught by unresolved tensions (and a potential “clash”), which the recent crisis has markedly exacerbated. The project purpose is to cast new light (theoretically and empirically) on the genetic roots of such tensions, their temporal swings, the possible institutional solutions and their political pre-conditions.

The key questions that drive the research project are essentially two:

  • When, how and why did the initial “elective affinity” between the two spheres start to weaken?
  • Is “reconciliation” possible and how?

The project started in 2014, Principal Investigator is Maurizio Ferrera, Professor of Political Science at the University of Milan and President of the Network for the Advancement of Social and Political Studies (NASP).

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